Children Of The Moon Review

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4 out of 5 stars  on amazon: 

Before I give my honest review of this book, I must explain the backstory of how I discovered it. It’s funny how a random excursion through youtube beginning with the famous Miles Jai and ending with ‘TheRobinMonster’ can lead you to such interesting literary works. As I jumped from ‘youtuber’ to ‘youtuber,’ I noticed a specific one, which was the latter profile name discussed. Watching his lighthearted videos as well as his more sober ones created an individual with a spectrum of power and confidence. Once I heard he published a couple of books, I decided to give this particular one a try (here comes the actual review..)

‘Children of the Moon: Andrew’s Origin’ is a remarkable novella with so much emotion within just three chapters. I will point out the strongest points in ‘Andrew’s Origin’ first. The story, as well as the characters, are obviously an artistic reflection of the author’s life. The main character, Andrew, is struggling with a broken life at home, his sexuality (at least in the beginning), as well as becoming a werewolf. While this last problem will lead the mainstream reader to think, “great, a rip-off of the ‘Twilight’ series,” do not let it disuade you! Within this novella, you will begin to notice the power of suggestion as Andrew evolves. For example, Andrew’s sexuality is barely mentioned (save the beginning and the intimate scene between him and Caleb). The reader will notice that what once was a weakness, becomes a strength; therefore, Andrew’s “sexual evolution,” if you will, becomes the strongest part of him, even seeming to surpass the fact that…well…he’s a werewolf. As a homosexual, I thoroughly enjoyed the representation of strength through one’s sexuality with Andrew’s powerful character.

Unfortunately, I must give this book a 4/5 due to the following flaws found in the book. The biggest flaw is that it is loaded with grammatical errors; however, a simple revision can fix this up right away. Another big thing that Mr. Theriault/Hartman must do is EXPAND! EXPAND! EXPAND! I can’t stress this enough. Although Andrew is perfectly described (at least to me), the supporting characters are hardly given any depth. The scenes also jump too quickly, which can leave the reader a bit jolted. One last issue that takes some of the luster from this book is the artistic depth. There are certain metaphors and poetic sentences that are so deep…they are a bit tacky.

In conclusion, save the mistakes stated above, this book is a diamond in the rough. It possesses a personal reflection for the author as well as the reader. It asks you to embrace yourself, whether that is your sexuality, your art, your music, or…turning into a child of the moon. -“Beware; for I am fearless, therefore powerful.”

As a personal side note, to heighten your reading experience with ‘Children of the Moon,’ listen to Florence + The Machine’s album, ‘Ceremonials.’ It follows this novella perfectly!


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The Inspiration For Children Of The Moon

Children on the moon

Since i was a child ive had the same nightmares and dreams year after year. I always wondered what they meant and why they kept coming back. Once i started to write Children OF The Moon: Andrews Origin, the dreams faded away and gave way for new dreams.

Writing this novella is something i belive i needed to to, create something to share with the rest of the world. A fantasy based on dreams that seem so very real.

Andrew is everything i am. He is a kind artistic, loving, amazing being that just wants the best for the world, and wants to change it. He is hope, love, and duality. His love for Caleb is strong, and that bond will grow as they venture their way to find Miss Rose’s killers.

Caleb is the darkness which tries to find the light. He is change and forgiveness. Always looking to grow and evolve, he may no longer be human, but he still cherishes everything humanity has to offer.

Victoria is that one best friend who will never let you down, she is the glue, and stitches that bind their friendship and love together. She is made up of divers human body parts, but her soul is the most unusual. She is reincarnation, and the guide towards a better fate.

Lance; the selfish and uncaring one. The one that would take his own life rather than face the harsh and unjust world he lived in. Even in death he does not pay any mind to the problems that they face. Un able to cross over to the other side, he is stuck and bound to the earth as long as he does not change, and move on with his afterlife.

Miss Rose. The mother that was un able to have a child. She gathers the supernatural, protecting them, caring for them in a world that seeks to destroy them. She is selfless and cares for all unconditionally.

Together these four friends will find away to bring Miss Rose back from the dead and begin their quest to find the secret society that is conspiring to destroy them all. A dark and evil cult of people who have convinced humanity that these supernatural beings were horrible monsters, wich has resulted in the persecution of their kind for centuries.


Children of the moon Andrews Origin : Prologue

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